Jiří Hauschka is In the Middle of Somewhere

for the show Untitled 60x50 cm (1)

Jiří Hauschka: Untitled 2017. Acrylic on canvas, 60 x 50 cm”

What an honor it is to be entrusted with these paintings from far away lands! Quintus gallery has one of those retail security gates for their main room that gets dropped and locked each night after Kathy and Joe switch off the lights. I’d ask Jiří where does he think his painting goes when the lights go out. Or more pointedly, if there is no one to see a Jiří Hauschka painting, does it exist?

I would hang this painting by my bed to be reminded of my non-existentialism each night before sleep. And then I would drop the gate down on another day no longer alone for the time being.

Then another day with the 10,000 things, and back to the painting at night.

That’s me, anyway. What about Jiří?

“In a very persuasive way Hauschka connects the tradition of Czech painting to the context of the international art scene. His work moves on the border of abstract and figurative painting. He works with stimuli from his surroundings, giving real objects timeless meaning by generalizing them in abstract shapes. This way he manages to objectify not only figures but also untouchable moods and feelings, which in his paintings receive tangible physical form. Hauschka’s paintwork is soaked with strong energy and expression. It pulses with an intense inner charge, and portrays the deeply rooted tradition of Central European expressionism, which played an important part in the paintings of Germany, the Czech Republic, and Austria from the start of the 20th century. Decorative function of surfaces, strong lines and even distribution of colors are balanced by expressive objects. Even though we can see Central European tradition in Hauschka’s paintwork, it isn’t anachronistic. He uses contemporary art language and perceives all the traditional elements from the view of an artist of the 21st century. He paints contemporary themes and uses contemporary art procedures. Expressive colorful surfaces emphasize symbolic meaning of the colors. However, Hauschka’s color notation doesn’t carry in itself universal meaning typical for medieval art. His color notation is strictly individual. He forms it based on his personal experiences and feelings. This way he reacts to the postmodern era when individualism outweighed universal perception.

Hauschka’s paintwork has strong outlines, and his use of colors and surface stylization resemble the aesthetics of computer art. He creates art relevant to the 21st century. And because it leans on a strong foundation of European painting tradition, it can grow.”

Before you look at this next one, please think about a vist to Quintus Gallery in Watkins Glen, N.Y. to see Hauschka paintings, and feel what you feel with a painting.
Kathy and Joe have taped the phone to their bodies: (315)527-4263.


Jiří Hauschka: In the Middle of Somewhere 2015.
Acrylic on canvas, 60 × 80 cm