Jasmine Surreal is Good Medicine for November

IMG_20170801_004453_634 (1)

Three Eyed Cat Alien with Flying Saucers of Milk! 2017. Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 30″

I have one of these! I keep it in my absurdity room with the whizzgongers and the bad trees. Many winter nights, even in gloomy November, I open the door and step inside. Some of my paintings are in there too, but they can’t make me laugh. I won’t let them. To laugh, to reel, to guffaw at my own delivery on a dark and stormy night is signed application for the straight jacket, and my wife won’t have that! Not while I’m still useful as a cook anyway. After supper, I’d climb up (it’s always up) to the absurdity room, switch on the light, and recover more quickly than a meditating monk who had a rough day at the office.

First, Kathy and Joe standing by the phone, the magic phone, at Quintus: (315)527-4263. Next, the most beautiful gallery in the Finger Lakes awaits your arrival to it.

Now for Jasmine:

Well, there are guitars playing musicians, paintbrushes painting artists, half me-half cats, Kraftwerk making craft work, Doris Day and Doris Night, Worry men with bills as heads, hot and cold water as creatures giving birth to Luke warm, and weather creatures. All sorts of Jiggery Pokery and humour aplenty, there’s sadness and alienation and solitude. And toy cats. Lots.

My subjects are symbolic and surreal, but not on the surface—more of an in-depth surrealism where I am pouring out my heart and imagination—things I’d like to see in real life but never materialise so I realise them through the medium of painting. I am inspired by my own imagination, just me really…

IMG_20170801_004144_866 (1)

The Boy Whose Veins are Made From Tree Branches 2017. Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 30″