We Have 8 Days To Go To South Africa With Kari Seid


Kari Seid: The Scatterlings Tryptic (partial)

Kari is a Stuckist painter. I am a Stuckist painter. Africa is a Stuckist continent and so is North America. I don’t know what I mean, but it means something. I do know that I’d rather be a living naive painter than a dead Disraeli (or a living one for that matter). I can say, write or paint what I want, be stupid all day long, and whistle down the tracks when I’m through expressing myself. And this is true: Stuckists are tossing aside all nation’s Disraelis. The latter are no longer relevant. Art comes first, always—it precedes science which needs to play catch up with its snail methods. This instant, the Internet has given voice to the artists. No more establishment gatekeepers. No more presidents of Pace Gallery! You like it. You can know it directly. The gnostics are dead! They weren’t that bright anyway, figuratively or literally. Holed up in caves telling you what’s what, and now the artists can show you “in the flesh”. You just have to want to straighten your back, lift up your head, and look us in the eye. Ha! Fooled you! It’s you in the mirror! Yes, you’re a Stuckist too. Probably the greatest one on earth, right now, as we live all at once. Like eternity.

There is a poem with attachment to the painting(s)

The tryptic has a story.
It is an analogy dedicated to all refugees and migrants (as I am one) who have risked their lives and those of their kin to seek a new home and life of safety and peace, as a bee to a flower.
And to all mothers who have lost children and husbands, fathers and uncountable others.
The old rhyme rings true, and this  is what I title this work:
“Lady Bird Lady Bird,
Fly away home.
The wrath of the fire God has come
And your children are gone.
The flower of peace
Will surely come
And God’s Grace, in time
Will offer you home”

Kari is our resident minister of Stuckism. The good news is freedom and freedom to be!

8 days left to see and/or nab an eternity for yourself. Quintus is a gallery with gallery people working the phones ’round the clock: (315)527-4263