Emma Pugmire Thinks on Halloween


Emma Pugmire: Messiah Pepsi Can Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 40 cm

Because corporate control is spooky boo, Emma Pugmire paints a picture. It’s thermostatically comfortable and nose clean safe at the shopping complex, and no one needs to know about the outgassing of everything born from a shipping container. We all have to eat, don’t we? So, let us be spoon fed corn plastic and breast milk from a billion cows even though we’re lactose intolerant. The rest rooms are kept as clean as societal unhappiness can shine, the floors are waxed but never washed, and everybody wins because the prize is a five dollar, last minute, dopamine bargain buy. And everything is the same, everything the same, everything the same. Familiarity breeds contempt among people, like spouses and grandfathers, but is the goal of planned obsolescence for Pepsi and the human body that it loves so much to dysfunction.

Enough of my thoughts. Here is what Emma thinks:

I am influenced by the Impressionists and their cityscapes. I like to sketch out of doors in London’s parks and green spaces. I am also interested in environmental issues and have exhibited in local ecological centres. I have taken part in social housing campaigns as there is an ongoing problem with gentrification in London.I am also influenced by Pop Art, SF painting, J.G. Ballard and the Independents Group. I have taken glossy magazines, advertising imagery, and their property sections as a source for these paintings. Canyon is from a cruise advertisement, but put in a future arid desert, while Paved Over concerns preserving natural greenery in built up areas.The paintings hanging at Quintus Gallery, Ghost Of Mindless Consumerism and Messiah Pepsi Can, are influenced by surrealism. The mannequin was a figure often used by the Surrealists. My idea was of a discarded shop dummy, left outside for the new model on the shelf, or made redundant, stalking the shopping centre like a ghost. Messiah Pepsi Can takes its title from an Ultravox song, “Western Promise”. I imagined the twelve figures as disciples, faceless consumers in a modern day cathedral of commerce. The crescent moon and aeroplane represent the ongoing wars in the Middle East, international relations and a reflection on Donald Trump.

Happy Halloween Emma Pugmire! Watch out for zombies!

Kathy and Joe at Quintus Gallery will open their doors for you to see, (315)527-4263


Emma Pugmire: The Ghost of Mindless Consumerism Acrylic on canvas, 25 x 30 cm