Mark D


Mark D: Duchamp is Dead and Slowly Drowning 2017. Acrylic on canvas, 18 x 24″

Mark D has an artistic philosophy based on the classic punk music mantra of “3 chords and a cheap guitar. It’s a good one, and has worked for me in too many ways to count. However, not so many single player punk bands out on the circuit though, and I think that is why painting is what you dress up in before and after the gig. I can’t express myself with all of me when the drummer is drunk and the lead guitar just wants to lead. Or when the rowdies in the front look like they want to kill me after spraying me with sweat and backwash. Punk is public, painting private. I won’t speak for Mark D of course, but I begin every painting punk, and after the first set settle down across from jazz smoking a cigarette after hours in an all-night diner, back when you could puff a fag publicly in front of your toast. I finish the work staring up at the ceiling with a slight buzz, a good night memory, and a promise to myself to take it easy tomorrow.

Mark D will last in my memory forever because he introduced me to The Fall, and this reminded me that as old as I’ll ever be, I ain’t dead yet.

Kathy and Joe want to give you Mark D for free or a fair price. Get down to Quintus Gallery in Watkins Glen! (315)527-4263


Mark D: Nadezhda Toloronnikova 2016. Oil on canvas, 18 x 24″