Charles Thomson Was a Free Man in Paris


Charles Thomson: Man in Top Hat 10 2017. Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 30″

A good many Stuckists in this exhibition are musicians, however, I don’t know if they would “get” the reference in the title. It is a song written and recorded by Joni Mitchell to fit any personality that knows each moment it risks taking its eyes off the prize.

Charles Thomson co-founded an art movement. And as time has proven, with the exact amount of avarice and ego that an empty-handed monk carries with him on daily walking meditation.

And I stop right there. When the giver meets the gatekeeper, the moment the monk arrives to the wall of the fortified town, he can either bargain for a bunk with the pushers and the crooks, or hobble to the thicket where the rabbits sleep with dignity. It’s always his choice to pick the right way, and that is the very short story of a free man.

Now, if Charles has ever been to Paris or not is time for another tale.

To painters exhibiting and to those who shall exhibit in the future…

Thank this man for sticking it out for your art. It’s a tough love job, and would pay the salary of a David Geffen if Charles was a sleazeball or an ARTnews. Thank him in another way, and take up the torch. Host an exhibition of your work and/or others, and give this man a freakin’ break to paint!

This painting is available to view, purchase, or both: (315)527-4263
Ask for Kathy or Joe, but I’m pretty sure where art is concerned, Kathy wears the pants.


Charles Thomson at Quintus bowing to an Ulanova painting.