An Alexey Stepanov Painting or an iPad, But Never Both


Alexey Stepanov: The End of Lunchbreak—Work on a May Holiday 2017. Oil on panel, 50 x 70 cm

This began plein air and probably texted in the studio. Not “texted” as in texting, because that would mean we live in a society that worships the trite and inane, and has abandoned paths to fulfillment to seek another “like” in seconds. Stepanov paintings last until the end of your time, and to know Alexey means you would know Russia more deeply than any government goon paid more in one hour to propagandize about nations than what this painting costs at Quintus Gallery. You want to know Russia? Do you really want to know Russia? Know this painting. Know the one below. Get to know an artist and stop your flabberjabbing about stuff you will never know, but are told to know.

Among painters, Alexey knows more about Russia than you will ever be told.

Buy these paintings and smash your mindless iPad!



Alexey Stepanov: Ministry of Culture of Russia “Guarding great culture of Russia” (State power / plein-air) 2016. Oil on panel, 70 x 50 cm