Andrew Makarov Painted a Cop With Me


Andrew Makarov: Alexey the Cop 2016. Oil on panel, 50 x 70 cm

Here is history being made in Moscow in 2016. You cannot see me, but I am off to the side, in a little tablet set on a book pile. I am Skyping in from my cold basement studio in Oswego, N.Y. Andrew is standing and painting the cop the Moscow Stuckists called off the street to pose for them, and me. Moscow and Oswego. Instant karma!

This was a lively studio. You can see Lena Ulanova in the violet. Alexey Stepanov sits in a chair by my tablet face, off to the side of the painting. These three artists have left Moscow and live in Saint Petersburg at present, where the sky is always blue or gray.

Watch me paint the same cop in Oswego, where the sky is always blue, or gray:

[A note about me in the video: This is the only time in my life that I took a pencil to the canvas. It gives me shivers to see it, but I needed a likeness fast or suffer international  humiliation!]

So you have wanted to begin a collection of contemporary Russian art, but do not know where to begin?

Call Quintus Gallery at (315) 527-4263, ask for Kathy or Joe, purchase either one of these paintings, but preferably both, and I will toss in the full color 143 page book detailing and documenting our project of last year.


Ah, there’s Alexey!


Andrew Makarov: Smoking in the Studio 2016. Oil on panel, 50 x 70 cm