Rémy Noë Has a Pleasant Dream For Sale

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Rémy Noë: Four Trees Oil on canvas, 20 x 50 cm

When contacting Quintus Gallery to inquire about this painting (315) 527-4263, please let Kathy or Joe know how much you know about this painter Rémy Noë.

You already know that Remy has a hatred of cities, but does frequent Gothic nightclubs in London, and likes to spend time exploring Kent and researching European mythology.

What pleases you most, and where you find instant connection are in the references made to Norse and Anglo-Saxon mythology, which are recurring themes in paintings.

Kent has history. Kent has countryside. Kent has its only aristocrat of the spirit in Rémy Noë.

You already know and are ready to buy. The painting is more affordable than that “eco” holiday to the UK. Your poet has traipsed the landscape many times before and given you memories now yours. Now to lean back into the semi-soft chair, knock out your pipe, reload, and then smoke. Pat the dog on the head. Look to your wall at Four Trees or Birth of the Downs pictured below, and stay put where the best dreams happen.

10648849_10205126999593178_7239997503086666858_o (1)

Rémy Noë: Birth of the Downs Oil on canvas, 20 x 50 cm

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