Paul Harvey is a Doctor of Punk and Stuckism


Probably a doctor of love too because all Stuckists are, else be just another run-of-the-mill painter hustling two-dimensional flobberwocky.

He also plays with Penetration, and the band is on tour, but I won’t dictate about it. However, I will tell you to call Quintus Gallery and inquire about this painting. The holidays are fast approaching and you must have a black sheep in the family. Maybe one who you love?

Quintus Gallery
65 Salt Point Road (shore of Seneca Lake)
Watkins Glen, N.Y. 14891
(315) 527-4263

“Attention Kathy or Joe. We love our son who is a punk rock aficionado, and want to give him the gift that lasts forever. How much?”

Now go catch him on tour!