Terry Marks


Terry Marks lives in New York City. She must be keen about this weather event our state is having today. Her whole island knows and just got enveloped with a transparent blanket of goodwill. The first cool autumn winds blow over, papers and dead leaves shoot up and around. The intellectual season is very near—the Strand will fill up to the ceiling with humanity by 4 o’clock. Some books will get bought, and nearly everyone will want Italian for dinner tonight.

I don’t live in Manhattan until days like today when nostalgia bites down and holds on tight. My friends used to live in Chelsea, and I would crash at their apartment for days, sometimes weeks, when I was too poor not to be slightly crazy. Then I was an avid dreamer and journal writer, and would walk all of lower Manhattan seeing everything, resting in parks, marking out free bathrooms (very few in New York!) for the promise of a cup of coffee with milk that afternoon and a free dinner and dry floor to sleep on after great conversation with friends.

See? Nostalgia bites!

Anyway, the cool autumn winds blow, and prompts like that b&w photo above send me to a steady, calm faith in the future that settles in while painting pictures in my drafty basement studio. I might be getting old soon, but not in my dreams!

Please read about Terry, hold on tight to your seat, and through her painting, get to know as much as possible about what you are and want to be at this perfect start of autumn in New York!

A native New Yorker and artist who works in painting, drawing, printmaking, and tattoo, Terry Marks has been affiliated with the international, ReModernist arts movement Stuckism since 2001, exhibiting with various configurations of the group internationally. Her pictures are a surreal take on Magical Realism with an upside-down, perverse logic, like dreams. Both puzzling and believable, many of her elements are contradictory; she specializes in the absurd, and in oddball eccentricities. The result is a slice of narrative, a single moment taken from a longer story, a puzzle with almost all the pieces there. After accidentally falling into a side career of acting, she can sometimes be spotted in films and television, and is a junior instructor at the NY School of T’ai Chi Chuan.

Now listen to her in a great interview on Tall Tale Radio last year!

Now go to her website and see what you like to buy for friends, family, and your own dreaming nosalgia-ache!

Now, walk over to your kitchen calendar, mark it on your calendar app, or tell the driver to have the car stocked and ready for Quintus gallery in Watkins Glen, on Friday the 13th of October, from 6 – 9 p.m. And get the butler to remind you…

Terry Marks! ¡Viva el Stuckism!