Iran US Kiss

Iran US Kiss 2017. Oil on canvas, 50 x 70 cm

Lapsking scared me last winter when out of the blue he asked if I would sell him a painting. Rarely do I sell work, yet when I do, I practically give it away. I have a penchant toward idiocy that prevents me, an honest man, from making an honest living. Although I show my work often, self promotion, for me, is often more painful than a sharp stick in the eye. I think Lapsking understands my artistic wavering between humility and stupidity depending on the given day or night. He gets Stuckism like I do, for the most part.

Anyway, we decided to trade work instead.

To say the least, it involved some international postal espionage, and I am a better man for it. Lapsking cannot easily send work to The United States. I wish the two of us could be free men, which at present is an impossibility while our government’s leaders hold back their mutual urge to lip-lock in public.

They will one day. Too many western artists long to see a Persian sun or moonrise. And the Internet is breaking up the CIA like a heavy butt sitting down on a bag of potato chips.

That’s good news.

For now, here is how Lapsking sees things:

The Stuckists manifesto starts with this point “Stuckism is a quest for authenticity”, although this quest is difficult for all Stuckists but it’s more challenging for Iranian Stuckists because when you want to be authentic you have to avoid censorship and in Iran this can be a crime. So there are two options; you have to give up authentic art and wear the Mask of Cleverness or you have to fight.

I have learned a lot of things from Vincent van Gogh. I have learned that it’s not the price which makes the value of an artwork but the way it has come from the heart. I’ve learned from Vincent how to follow my inspirations and how not to become the slave of my model. I’ve learned from him that the brush strokes should come from the soul and I’ve learned that satisfying your conscience is much more important than money and fame.

I will have a piece by Lapsking at Quintus, and I will not sell it. Please come by and we’ll consider together who decides what the poor people of nations are allowed to trade, and whom they are allowed to talk to.

Art = Freedom.

Thank you Lapsking for jumping through a ring of cowardly flames to exhibit your work with me.