JX Coudrille


The Mole-Catcher’s Daughter

Jonathon Xavier Coudrille lives on the southwest shore of the Lizard Peninsula in an old fishing village of homes constructed of local stone or cob.

The end.

If my story began with a geographical sentence like that one, I too would be an instant important person whom you would beg to know.

JXC FALGAL OFFICIAL001photo by Martin Howse

Jonathon’s brief introduction to an ongoing, distinguished career:

Cornish Surrealist painter, writer and composer.
Coudrille started his career in the nineteen sixties as a political satirist, song-writer and performer on BBC Plymouth and appeared regularly on Westward Television and later Southern Television and Thames, and was often heard on BBC radio 4 Jack de Manio’s “Today”.
His books include Farmer Fisher, [G.Whizzard imprint of Andre Deutsch 1976 Children’s book of the year] The Vulgar Frog [Quartet], A Beastly Collection, [Warne 1974 now a collector’s item] and Love Death and Bad Behaviour [Footsteps Press 2014, Coudrilles poetry anthology].
Compositions include the many themes for the first ‘Get This’ series (Southern Television 1970s) and the ‘Caballetta’ suite for Spanish guitar, premiered in the ’80s in concert with the National Symphony Orchestra at London’s Festival Hall.
A recipient of the Melody Maker top soloist award, Jonathon now writes for and performs with his jazz-slanted Cornish semi-acoustic band ‘Gwelhellin’ (https://www.facebook.com/Gwelhellin/, and www.myspace.com/gwelhellin) and the Russian folk-music duo ‘Muzika Muzikantov.’

Coudrille is an honorary member of the Arts Club and a member of the Society of Authors. He is special Editor for the New Art Examiner and was elected Academician of the South West Academy in the early twenty-first century.
(Paintings may be viewed on the artist’s web site; http://coudrille.com/NewSite/gallery/ )
Twice married, he has an adult son in the United States and a daughter in London.

He gets interviewed too:

And plays a Spanish guitar like he is made of Iberian clay:

Thank you JX Coudrille for taking the life you were given and becoming alive!