Godfrey Blow


“Autumn Airs” Oil on Belgian linen, 61 x 122 cm

One life to live, and at this point, I know that I will never “become” a surgeon or traveling magician. I have written before that with paint I seek to perfect my limitations. And then I view a Godfrey Blow, and wish I never went to college, nor read a book for that matter, if doing so meant a life of painting with results always too human all too human. I could have followed my dream of 16 to a career path of forest management, and had my ignorance to the impact of human creativity go unnoticed, while the real splendor of nature, of itself in all seasons, astounding me at every turn.

I’ve seen Godfrey’s methods. I know that he paints how I could never paint. Like a surgeon—precise, exact, steady, immovable. In nature he would be the heron waiting decisively to catch dinner, and I would be the scrambling squirrel, one step forward, three steps sideways, two back and a leap to the next branch, with just some loud noise to show for it, and maybe a dirty nut.

Then I see Godfrey a great painter because time has allowed him room to create a new nature that maybe I have seen or never have seen before. One without herons or squirrels. One without people, or after people, or people to become. That is a magic world. I would want to leave his landscapes to my children and my children’s children. A new world appearing or an old one reappearing, one that most likely neither you nor I have ever witnessed, but is witnessable to the born again.

With paint I will carry on nervously the temporal, the worldly, the “now” human, while Godfrey Blow adds another new or old-world-new to an almost recognizable dimension.

He is a magician.

And human.

Godfrey Blow was born in North Hykeham, Lincolnshire, England in 1948. He gained a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art from Sheffield Hallam University in 1971. From 1973-74 he attended Manchester Metro University where he qualified as a teacher. His first solo exhibition was held in London in 1976 and followed by another in 1980. He emigrated to Australia in 1982. Numerous solo and mixed exhibitions of his work have been held in Western Australia since 1982. He has also participated in a number of mixed shows in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, United Kingdom, India, China and Canada. His work is represented in private and public collections in Australia, including The Art Gallery of Western Australia, Artbank Australia, University of Western Australia, Curtin University, Sir Charles Gairdner, Holmes A’Court and the collections of the cities of Bunbury, Albany and Fremantle. In addition he has won several prestigious art awards in Western Australia. In October of 2006 Godfrey was a finalist in Australia’s richest award for landscape painting, the Fleurieu Peninsula Biennale Art Prize, South Australia. Godfrey was one of 30 finalists in the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize in 2008 and was selected as Highly Commended, Runner-up. The exhibition was held in Sydney and traveled around Australia for the rest of 2008. During this year the artist was also a finalist in the Alice Bale Art Award in Victoria and the Tattersall’s Landscape Art Prize, Queensland.