Modern Painters Also Make Movies Promoting Painting

Here is just another labor of love that the painter-peasant is qualified to perform in the modern age. Last autumn I put together a video using the art of several others and myself as enticement for our “Round Trip Stuckism” exhibition. It is well worth the 37 minutes—or in snippets during coffee breaks.

This experience changed my way of thinking. I am now as cosmopolitan as my imagination will allow. I consider these four painters as colleagues and friends both on a dimension outside the workaday world, and in the real one, where Ron shows up on a Moscow or Saint Petersburg Street alongside these great thinkers and dreamers.

Alexey Stepanov, Andrew Makarov, Alena Levina and Lena Ulanova… Superhero painters!


Watkins Glen is my new labor of love. We painters can put the falling apart world back together.