Annie Zamero at Watkins Glen


Shaman Warrior by Annie Zamero. Oil and acrylic on canvas, 153 x 134 cm

Oh boy! Here it comes. Waves of reverence, then wonder, wishing, and borderline envy. The accomplished work of another painter! It sets me right back to the drawing board, and with some musical irony, actually tunes to a note of positiveness for my next painting chair painting. I love to see beautiful pieces by contemporary painters because I believe I am a light masochist—I actually feel new invisible nubs of creation sprouting from my bones whenever I spy works of art that I know knock my ego down a place or two. It hurts, but something positive grows.

Annie Zamero is one of 35 painters from around the world who will exhibit work at Quintus Gallery in October. Shaman Warrior is for publication. Other work by Annie will be shown in the exhibit.

From her biography:

Annie Zamero spent a number of years in Merchant Banking in the City of London as Banking Manager/Credit Analyst whilst attending drawing and painting classes at Central Saint Martins and the Hampstead School of Art. She then decided her life would have more meaning and authenticity if she became a full time artist.

In 2011 Zamero founded The Magma Group which is an international exhibiting group of artists who share the objective of combining conceptual and expressive qualities in art. They have been invited to exhibit at Arthouse1 Gallery, The Other Art Fair, Griffin Gallery and others.

Zamero has exhibited in London, New York, Liverpool, Paris, Athens and Arizona and has been selected for the Liverpool Biennial (2016 and 2010) as well as the European Capital of Culture Festival (2008). She appears in a number of published books on Stuckism.

In 2014 Zamero chaired a panel discussion at Griffin Gallery on ‘The Role of Expression in Contemporary Art’ . She is in a number of private collections in Hong Kong, Paris and London including that of art dealers Impasto Art Management.

Thank you Annie Zamero for coming to Watkins Glen!