A Barter List From Several Shows Back


Dyer Arts Center at RIT in 2014

Sometimes I offer barter opportunities for those who like collectible images but have no expendable cash. Here is a list I had for two June shows back in 2014. A few cash sales, but no barter. I particularly thought I’d get some takers on the “sandwich board sign wearers” suggestion.

In Watkins Glen we shall not engage in barter economy. All cash/credit/check sales.

Barter List. June 1- June 30, 2014

I will trade for a painting or commission. Here is how I value goods over money. Listed are a few needs I have off and on again, and would be happy to make an arrangement. For instance, if you inquire about a commission(s) by Christmas, I am always in need of some bulk harvest items in late fall, or Christmas cookies hygienically prepared by a careful hand. Make offers. Think about what a poor painter needs. Money can only play the part of an impatient middleman. It just brings worry in the abstract. I could buy the vegetables or the cookies, but then I would have to take time out from painting and/or being a family man to do the shopping. And time is what so many of us lack these days. The money value marked after the barter good is what I believe it would fetch on the market in a paper currency economy. Match that to the price list of my paintings. For instance if you want the music box (good anniversary gift), but don’t have $600.00 handy, and you’re a registered plumber by trade, replace my main shut-off and surprise your spouse with the joy of turntable music this year. I am open for offers. Try me.

Galleries get a commission on all purchases during show. If you choose to barter, a percentage of my request must be shared with proprietors. Of course, they must agree to it first. But who doesn’t eat potatoes or need plumbing work done?

Rough ideas:


50 lb. sack of potatoes, onions or squash… $25.00

10 lb. bag of pecans… $40.00

10 lb. bag unbleached white flour… $8.00

1 case of 28 oz. whole peeled tomatoes… $15.00

1 case Bordeaux red wine… $180.00

1 jar of pickles (or pickled equivalent)… $5.00

1 gallon maple syrup… $50.00

1 gallon honey… $30.00

Spices, herbs, dried peppers, mushrooms, etc… Negotiable


1 year of Internet… $480.00

1 year of Netflix or equivalent… $180.00

Lenses for a SONY Alpha 57 digital camera… $300.00-1500.00

New Apple 27” iMac… $2000.00

Electrical improvements to house (new wiring and main repair outside of house)… ?

Painting supplies

1 8 oz. jar Golden Acrylics (heavy body) color………………………. $35.00

Canvases and gessoed hardboard (preferably the latter)… Negotiable

Paintbrushes (all sizes and shapes except the frilly kind that makes grass)… Same

Frames, frames, frames… Again, negotiable

Promotional or word-of-mouth advertising

•3 “Ron Throop—Good painter” schpeels daily for one month to different people each time… $50.00 (one month only)

•Sandwich board sign wearer across from religious proselytizers on corner of Bridge and West 1st Streets (or equivalent in Rochester) on two consecutive Saturday mornings… $100.00

Advocates (credentialed artists) to perform “Ron Throop—Great painter” schpeel once a month for a year at dinner parties where combined income of guests exceeds 6 million dollars annually… $65.00


Replace main shut off … $400.00 (must be insured)

Build a better bathroom off an existing one that is literally a water closet… Whole collection


1 ton manure or compost delivered and tilled… $250.00

Rototiller (rear tines)… Negotiable


Trade or purchase and install a high-efficiency fireplace insert… Negotiable

Purchase and install a new attractive enameled wood stove in library (actually the room between kitchen and living room. There is a bookshelf with books, so I call it a library)… Whole collection

3 face cords of well-seasoned hardwoods, delivered and stacked… 350.00


1 week in your timeshare south of Virginia… Whole collection if there are two bathrooms

Round-trip (preferably non-stop) airfare for three to a place with palm trees (good for 2014-2015 winter)… Negotiable

1 week trade of abodes plus maid service on your end if you have a residence outside of this state or country, preferably in a low crime area, and can have reputable references vouch that you’re not a dirty criminal… $100.00


Acoustic guitar with magically smooth action… $200.00

A horn or wind instrument… Negotiable

A violin… Negotiable

A day job

Something part time… $200.00

I am a cook by trade, and am very well versed in the professional and home kitchen. I can bake too, and be a home cook if you have a nice house without negative drama. Are you a doctor with little time on your hands to prepare and cook scratch comfort food for the family? For 25 hours a week I can shop and cook 5 dinners with leftovers. Menu planning would be a joy. I am the only saucier in Oswego worth the investment. I don’t smoke, spit, or tell tasteless jokes. I clean up after myself (dinner pots, pans and utensils—not dishes and silverware). I’ll wash my hands a lot and wear gloves when preparing uncooked foods. Fit me into your budget. I give back tenfold compared to that status Mercedes box of garbage on wheels depreciating in the driveway.

There. Let’s make a deal.


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